Meeting Report for 13th of December 2017

Meeting Report for 13th of December 2017

Tokyo International Toastmaster Club meeting #283 was held at Curian Oimachi on 13th of December 2017
Meeting started by President TM K.S. and introduced 2 guest who participated to meeting#283 as guest.
There was one guest who is member of Akihabara Toastmaster Club
TMOE was TM T.M.

First one hour was Japanese Session.
TM C.Y. started his Ice break speech for warm up the meeting. He introduced method to other club members for talking small speech starting from phrase[実は私ーActually I] within one minute.

Word of the evening for Japanese session was [rankoge-乱高下] which means in English is “violent fluctuation”. Other meanings of this word is “up and down sharply”, “rise and fall suddenly” and “jump and slump sharply” This word introduced by TM O.N.

First Speech was prepared speech “Life Design” by TM S.I. He spoke about life style of Japan by illustrating diagrams.
Life expectation and way of living style in Japan are some interesting topics of his speech.

Second Speech was prepared speech “Rope Escape” by TM A.O. It was magic show rather than speech. He entertained the audience according to his speech objectives.

Prepared Speech was finished for Japanese Session and TM T.M. talked about [ひと言レッスンーOne word lesson].
GRAHCO and general evaluation roles must be one role according to his speak.

Japanese session was finished and started the coffee break for five minutes.

English session started after coffee break.

Word of the evening for English session was “violent fluctuation” which is English meaning of [rankoge-乱高下].

First Speech was prepared speech “Journey to Global Leader” by TM J.S. His speech made other club members to become global leader
by practicing yaruki, genki, yuuki (yaruki-Motivation, genki-Healthy, yuuki-Courage).

Next started table topic round.

Table topic facilitator was TM K.M. She introduced interesting topics to speakers.
First table topic speaker was TM K.A. He talked about his colleague vacation and his interesting about vacation destinations.
Second table topic speaker was TM A.T. She talked about her unforgettable thing in 2017.
Third table topic speaker was K.O. who was guest for meeting#283.She spoke about what she has to do before end of 2017

Then Awarding Ceremony was started for meeting#283
Best speaker was TM J.S.
Best evaluator was TM R.T.
Best table topic speaker was K.O. who was guest.

In business session, TM J.S. and TM H.S. got special present from TM President K.S. for completing competent communication manual. Guests also spoke about their comments for meeting#283

Timer was TM K.A.
Vote counter was TM C.Y.
Grahcho was TM A.T.
Meeting reporter was TM S.H.
General evaluator was TM H.S.
Evaluator for “Life Design” by TM S.I. was TM K.S.
Evaluator for “Rope Escape” by TM A.O. was TM R.T.
Evaluator for “Journey to Global Leader” by TM J.S. was TM E.K.

TM President K.S. adjourned the meeting until the following meeting #284

Meeting report on Nov.29

【第282回例会レポート (2017/11/29(水)19:00~21:10)】

Today’s TMOE was TM J.S., and today’s word is “pun” from TM K.A.

Speech #1 (TM M.Y.):
CC Manual: Project 4, How to Say It
The title is “Whatever, Whenever, Wherever”.

He talked about ”Learning English”. At first, he explained the various way to
learn English and also mentioned the problems like high cost.
Then, he introduce the latest service “”, where we can find personal tutor.
By using, we can learn English Whatever, Whenever, Wherever.

Table Topic #1 (TM A.T.):
1) Please tell us your first time challenge in this year? (TM S.I.)
His challenge was “English”.
2) If you could be an animal, what animal do you want to be? (TM E.K.)
She wants to be a little puppy.
3) Are you dog person? or cat person? Please tell us charm point too. (TM R.T.)
She is cat person.
4) What is your best memory of this year (Guest Ms.K.)
To attend Toastmasters!

Evaluation was made by TM T.M.
He drew the matrix of the evaluation points and did perfect evaluation.

今夜のTMOEはTM J.S.さんです。

今夜の言葉はTM K.A.より駄洒落を言うこと。
TMOEのTM J.S.さんが駄洒落協会会員の本領を発揮し、2つの駄洒落を披露しました。

テーブルトピック #2 (TM S.I.)
1) おすすめの冬の外での過ごし方は?(TM K.S.)
2) 大勢の前でたっても緊張しない方法は?(TM K.A.)
3) どのように英語を勉強しているか?(TM R.T.)

テーブルトピック #3 (TM E.K.)
1) 最近一番焦ったことは?(Guest TM M.A.)
2) 無制限に予算があって、誰かに贈り物をするとしたら誰に何を贈りたいか?(TM A.T.)
3) 行きたい国を一つ選んでください?どうしてその国を選びましたか?(TM J.S.)
4) これまで行きてきてせつない思い出は? (TM S.I.)


ここでTM H.S.さんが駆けつけ、まだ息がきれるなかCC10を披露しました。

スピーチ #2 (TM H.S.):
CCマニュアル: プロジェクト10, 聞き手を鼓舞する

C-3POというあだ名を返上するために世界一になったTM H.S.
1 スピーチを録画して、自分の動きを把握する
2 常に論評者でいる。例会の中で常に論評の姿勢で改善できるポイントを吸収する
3 たまには準備をしないで即興力を鍛える

論評者はTM K.S.さん、総合論評はTM A.O.さんでした。

ベスト論評賞はTM T.M.さん
ベストスピーカーはTM M.Y.さん